Bill of Rights


To put yourself first sometimes

To make mistakes

To be the final judge of your feelings and to accept them as legitimate

 To your own opinions & convictions

To protest unfair treatment or criticismTo negotiate for change

To ask for help or emotional support

To say “No”

To be alone, even if others would prefer your company

Not to take responsibility for someone else’s problem


Give what you really don’t want to give

Sacrifice your integrity to anyone

Do more than you have time to do

Drain your strength for others

Listen to unwise counsel

Remain in an unfair relationship

Conform to unreasonable demands

Be 100% perfect

Follow the crowd

Put up with unpleasant situations

Please unpleasant people

Bear the burden of another’s misbehavior

Do something you really cannot do

Love unloveable people

Feel guilty about your inner desires

Submit to overbearing conditions

Apologize for being yourself

Meekly let life pass you by

Be anyone but EXACTLY who you are.

3 thoughts on “Bill of Rights

  1. Thank you for posting this bill of rights. I’m going to print it out and post it on the wall of my cubicle and maybe in a few other places.

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